Monday, June 1, 2009

Demi Lovato "Those people... Should die while burning in hell"

A friend of mine showed me these. They are apparently comments from Demi Lovato to Marissa Callahan from waaay back. Who do you think Demi is talking about? Bullies? Boys? See for yourselves here. (Click to enlarge)


  1. i honestly think the whole bully stuff was for sympathy
    she doesnt seem like someone who will take that crap

    she was the bully!

  2. I know she's a teen and stuff, so am I, but using the word ' fag' is really offensive!

  3. omg demi lovato is such a billy
    she is not a good role model
    and i dont think shes a good freidn either
    wat a looser

  4. And people are calling other Disney teens fake!?
    I started to really like her, but now I don't really like her anymore! *bleh* how could someone that seems SO nice and genuine turn out to be like this :S
    She shouldn't even be talking about other people this way!

  5. haha, dude, those things are
    really easy to edit. I don't
    believe ths shit.

  6. SORRY but how fake. that poster just came out like 3 or 2 weeks ago. barely 1 month!! and the date is 2006/07


  7. ^^your comment doesn't make sense at all, dearie. obviously, they're her comments, as they were from 06-07 and she was a little less disney material then, and she has never had reports of anybody hacking lately, so that comment doesn't mean anything.

    don't be surprised, i could always tell demi had a bad vibe about her, and she's one of the more rebelious disney stars, though she has to lie through her teeth all the time to try and keep her squeeky clean image to make a living. sad but true.

  8. Anyone could have doctored this, I swear. But maybe she was a bully. I don't think I will ever be sure of that. :/ Lol, how mysterious.

  9. you guys are so weird.
    everyone called their friends that
    i mean seriously, think people think!
    it probably just a jokes

  10. pssshh.. all hollywood celebs are idiots..speciallt the teens like demi and miley

  11. oh my god, thats from BEFORE she got all famous. she's just being a teenager for gods sake.

  12. Demi iz another one of thoze gurlz who talk like:

    "hai betch! haiii hoe! "