Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miley Cyrus "No Title" Lyrics?

I found these lyrics and they sound like a song Miley mentioned in her twitter awhile back saying that she was writing a song named "No Title". They sound very Niley-ish. What do you think?
I miss that girl I used to be
Almost three years ago when I wrote that song for him
That song that meant so much to me
He showed me I was beautiful inside and out
He made me feel like the only one
He said Miley I love you as you are.

The day he walked away from my life
My life became a roller coaster ride
I didn't find that girl anymore
I didn't feel pretty at all
I tried to figure out what to do with that pain
But I still didn't find the way

If he ever decides to come back
I know I'll find that Miley again, the one that wrote that song
The one he said he wanted, As she was.

And now here I am covering mistakes
Crying out loud
And writing this song, I don't know how to call
It has no title cause I'm not that Miley anymore.
But tell me baby right now, do you still love me As i am?
While you keep on breaking my heart I'll keep thinking a name for this song, even though I'm not that Miley anymore.

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